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Last updated: MARCH 31, 2021

We are a systems integration support company that helps take what Real Estate Agents and Teams do manually and automate them so they can get more time back and convert more without being held hostage by time or availability.

Our service includes systems like

– Tracking: Sisu, google sheets,
– CRM’s: Follow Up Boss, Chime, Boomtown, Firepoint, Sierra Interactive, Lionsdesk and more.
– Tech systems: Ylopo, Street Text, Google, BombBomb, Zapier, Homebot, Callingly, Facebook leads/audiences, Microsoft 365, Slack, Trello, Cloud CMA and way more.
– Lead Gen Apps and services: Google, Ylopo, Facebook, linkedin, Street Text, Redfin, Zillow and more…

** Automation services and systems that Osirs are members and use are: Amazon Web Services, Zapier, API Nation,, Integromat, Pabbly. Osirs LLC operates multiple technologies, systems and CRM’s, we do not cover the costs of those systems unless noted otherwise.

* If client wishes to purchase and take ownership of any automations or workflows built by Osirs LLC, Client is required to purchase and maintain their own automation services at a membership level that allows for the automations/workflows to operate. Client is responsible to create these accounts. If client elects to not purchase the appropriate automation services, then client will elect to Option #2 Continuation Plan, or stop automation/workflows from operating. Please inquire within to learn the details and find out more.

Automation or Workflow: This is defined as a series of steps and tasks built to automate a workflow incorporating multiple applications, Custom coding and programming to get the desired outcome without manually operation.

Results may vary and are dependent on Clients Adoption and use of the system with their organization. Client holds no responsibility or liability to Osirs for their results.

A Signed up System Client is required to pay the setup fee which is Non-refundable at anytime. Client may elect to cancel services at anytime, but no refund shall be made.

Homebot & Cloud CMA Osirs Disclaimer

Osirs’ Homebot and Cloud CMA system is not always 100% for a myriad of reasons, there will always be a margin of error. At times we can track where the error occurred, at times we just observe this and others we can correct it. Common examples we can track that will cause the automation to not work properly: Wrong email and/or home address. Client email and/or address already exists in your OR another’s Homebot. The sending of the digest requires log info and if that is not correct, the automation will not work. FollowUpBoss (FUB) has custom fields for Suite or Unit/Apartment number. These MUST be input into these fields for the automation to work correctly. They cannot be added into the other address lines. As mentioned above, sometimes it is not possible to track where the error occurred, that being said we expect these unknown errors to occur at a substantially lower rate. It is important to note that Osirs does NOT automate the sending either Cloud CMA or the Homebot link directly to the client. We only automate the process of creating the CMA and Homebot account, then appending the links into the appropriate custom fields within FUB. If you would like to have the CMA and Homebot automatically sent to the client record, you will need to download and set up the proper automations. Osirs has a list of automations available for download, these included, please reach out to us if you would like these.

If you noticed your Homebot & Cloud CMA automation has not fired for a lead OR has not worked correctly, please reach out to us at Please include the lead record name (or link), confirm that we have your FUB login information, and include any screenshots or data you have from the potential error.

**Post  Appointment Text System and Stage Disclosure **
The Post Appointment Text System is not Guaranteed to operate with every appointment generated. The following are conditions that are required for the system to function correctly. failure to have any of these conditions may result in the system not working and the post appt text not adjusting the appointment in your CRM correctly. This product has a 6 month minimum commitment. Every agent must have a valid and complete phone number in their CRM profile account
The Appt Type is required to be used when setting appt
The agent is required to complete the appt text fully to adjust the system correctly.
The Above Stages, if using your own, MUST be inputted exactly the way they are within your CRM. failure to do this will result in not changing of the stage automatically. PLEASE DO NOT SHORTEN YOUR STAGES ie HOT A+ Daily is NOT HOT.

Agents must be able to receive text messages from the numbers written out above. If they do have SPAM filter settings turned on, they will not receive the text.

** Hatch Messaging | Osirs System | Follow up Boss | CallAction Systems Disclosure ** TERMS OF USE Licensee hereby acknowledges and agrees the content, process, and services associated with Osirs Hatch Messaging (“Content and Services”) is proprietary in nature and may not be used, copied, reproduced, or otherwise replicated in manner except as specifically authorized by Hatch Coaching & Osirs, collectively referred to as (“Licensor”). Any unauthorized use or reproduction of the Content and Services is an infringement of Licensor’s intellectual property and will cause irreparable harm to Licensor, for which Licensee’s will be legally liable. Licensee’s utilization of the Content and Services is subject to the oversight of Licensor who may terminate Licensee’s license to access and use the Content and Services at any time, in Licensor’s sole discretion. In addition to these Terms of Use, Licensee hereby agrees to abide by and operate within any and all current and future terms of use, rules, or frameworks implemented by Licensor.  Licensee hereby acknowledges and agrees that Licensee shall be solely responsible for Licensee’s utilization of the Content and Services, outcomes resulting from the utilization of Content and Services, and contact attempted or established via the Content and Services. Licensee shall not violate any state, federal, or local laws in connection with or related to Licensee’s use of the Content and Services. Licensee hereby agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold Licensor harmless from and against any and all fines, fees, damages, judicial awards, costs, expenses including attorneys’ fees, or other legal and/or financial liability arising from or in any way related to Licensee’s use or utilization of the Content and Services. Licensee hereby acknowledges and agrees that Licensee shall Not mass apply text message campaigns to contacts within Licensee’s accounts. Any mass application of text campaigns may result in the Licensee’s Osirs Hatch Messaging System from being terminated immediately without refund. Licensee shall not apply any text message campaigns in mass or otherwise to contacts that have not opted in prior to contact receiving an automated text through these systems.

Licensee hereby acknowledges and agrees to the terms of service and agreements of Osirs LLC Systems Terms and Conditions, Terms and Conditions, Hatch Messaging Terms and Conditions, and Follow up Boss Terms and Conditions. Licensee is solely responsible for all the terms and conditions within this agreement and cooperating systems. Licensee agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold Licensor and Additional Licensor’s harmless from and against any and all fines, fees, damages, judicial awards, costs, expenses including attorneys’ fees, or other legal and/or financial liability arising from or in any way relations to Licensee’s use or utilization of Content and Services.


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