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Homebot Instructions

Main Flow & System Video

Main Action Tags

 (Tags that Applied Execute an Automation)

  • #Seller_Homebot - This is 1st Tag that Adds Contact to Homebot
  • Homebot_Success - Confirmation Tag thats applied to contact after input
  • Homebot_Failed - Just like it sounds. Input Has Failed
  • #OS-Homebot_Send-Digest - This Tag Sends Digest Immediately
  • #OS-Homebot_Get-Home-Info - This Tag Gets All Information Available on the Home and sends it to the Contact Record in CRM
  • #OS-Homebot_Remove - This Tag Removes Boy the Client and The Home from your Homebot Account
  • #OS-Homebot_Remove-Home - This Only Removes the Home from The Client & Homebot
  • #OS-Homebot_Remove-Client - This Removes The Client from your Homebot Account
  • #Buyer_Homebot - This Tag Inputs the Contact into the Buyer side of Homebot
  • #OS-Homebot_Engaged - This Tag when applied to the Lead/Contact, They were active in Homebot and Engaged. Take Action!
  • OS-Homebot_Engaged-AP-Start - This Tag is for Users that Auto Send out A Campaign when the Lead Engages. This Confirms that Campaign Started

Specific Considerations Use Cases & Workflows

Apartments | Suite | Unit Numbers - **IMPORTANT**- You Must Put the Suite or Appt Number into the Custom Field Titled: HOMEBOT ADDRESS UNIT #  More information on this can be found by Watching: 

Automatically Sending Digest - Download the Auto Send Digest Below and When a Lead/Contact gets Added to Homebot and the Tag, #Homebot_Success is applied, then it will auto send to the Lead/Contact. BE STRATEGIC WITH THIS!!!

New Seller Lead Flow- Adding to Homebot & Sending Digest- Locate The Action Plans That Run on Any of your Seller Leads. Edit that Action Plan on the first Step, add the tag, #Seller_Homebot, which adds them automatically to your homebot. When Combined with the above send digest automation, its magic!! Watch More on this here: 

Client Alert Events & Other Tags

















Automations to Download

Individual System Demo

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Strategy Call & Entire System Demo

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Cloud CMA Instructions

Main Flow & System Video

Main Action Tags

  • #Seller_CMA - This Adds the Lead/Contact in CloudCMA and Produces a "Quick & Dirty" CMA on their Address Which gets added as a note & added to the CloudCMA Custom Fields. **THIS DOES NOT SEND THE CMA
  • #CMA_Success - This tag confirms when the CMA was successfully Made
  • CMA_Failed - Just Like it Sounds.
  • #OS-CMA_Send -This Sends the CMA via CloudCMA Automatically.
  • #Seller_CloudHomebeat - This Adds the Contact & Address to the Homebeat System of CloudCMA
  • #Buyer_CloudTour - This Creates a Cloud Tour for this Buyer. **COMING SOON