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FUB to SISU Full Sync

Ylopo Text & Priority Alert Optimized Slack System

Automated Homebot CloudCMA Sync System

Post Appointment Text Automated System & Other FUB Systems

Street Text Lead Sync & Update System

CallAction Optimized System

Custom Individual Solutions

Custom Email Action Plan For Follow up Boss

Tracking & Accountability System

Automated Reverse Lookup & Update System

Other Partners & System Setups


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The FUB to Sisu Sync:

  • Automated - Save time getting your data into SISU
  • Stay in FUB - Agents never have to leave FUB
  • ZERO Forms - We sync natively with FUB custom fields
  • Activity Data - Send over agent activity data in real time
  • Transaction Data - Agents use FUB Deals to sync to SISU
  • Lead Source ROI - Automatically track how much each Appointment cost

Plans & Pricing

Agent Activity Data Sync Only

$ 45

Billed Monthly

  • Unlimited Agents
  • Syncs in real time
  • Track Agent Calls, Texts and Conversations
  • Compare with Lead Source data to see who your strongest converters are by source
Transaction Data Creation & Sync Only

$ 55

Billed Monthly

  • Unlimited Agents
  • Agents never have to leave FUB
  • No more forms, we sync natively with FUB custom fields
  • Agents use FUB Deals to sync to SISU
  • Automatically track cost per appointment by lead source
Complete Package - Activity & Transaction Sync

$ 99

Billed Monthly

  • Includes all features of both individual plans

Ylopo Text & Priority Lead Optimization

Play Video

Watch this quick video to see this system in action!

Plain and simple, we all face notification fatigue. With a myriad of different notifications hitting the ONE alert/notification tab in your CRM, how are you supposed to weed through them, find the most important notification, then quickly respond, with basically no real info besides "lead returned to site" or other vague notifications. The current method leads us to scroll through a long list of notifications, click through one to the lead record, to get the info, to just find out it's not a high priority alert that needs instant attention.

THIS is where OSIRS' Ylopo text and priority lead system comes in. Utilizing Slack, we port all of your notifications, with pertinent lead info, Raiya transcripts, property links, call now buttons and more, into different channels that you create, these channels can be based off priority.
This system is a simple way to intervene with a lead at the most optimal time, with ease.

Homebot | CloudCMA Systems


Automatically Imports Leads to Homebot & CloudCMA
Updates the CRM Contact Record with a Report Link & Client Link so you can text the Lead immediately getting higher engagement

No need to login to Homebot or CloudCMA. Get updates on demand all within your CRM instantly.

Auto apply this system to ANY new inbound seller leads by simply applying the tags.
Scale your seller leads and don't be held hostage to get them a manual CMA.

Available for Follow Up Boss

CRM's That Are Coming Soon

  • Chime
  • Sierra Interactive
  • FirePoint
  • KvCore
Homebot only

$ 59


Cloud CMA Only

$ 49


Homebot & CloudCMA Bundle

$ 80


Osirs System Plan Members

$ Free

Follow up Boss Post Appointment Text System

Post Appointment Text System

Osirs Street Text System


Automatically get lead from Street Text to your CRM.
All leads including those with no names (yes even these) no email, address only and any others.

Automatically input leads to Homebot and/or Cloud CMA & Retargeting Systems Instantly.

Keep contact updated with Live CMA link that pulls a new CMA with every link.
Convert more without having to be held hostage to your computer

Available for Follow Up Boss

CRM's That Are Coming Soon

  • Chime
  • Sierra Interactive
  • FirePoint
  • KvCore

Automated Reverse Lookup System

Reverse Lookup

More info Coming Soon

Custom Action Plan Content Follow up Boss

Drip Campaign

Action Plans that come with the package
The content include reply based emails, educational content, and incorporates your website content including: about the team, sell pages, buy pages, blogs, reviews online. If you don't have blog posts or don't want to use your blog posts, we have pre-written educational content.

  • New buyer - 2 years of emails
  • New zillow, realtor, trulia, redfin - 1 year of emails
  • New seller - 1 year of emails
  • Nurture buyer - 2 years of emails
  • Nurture seller - 2 years of emails
  • Post closing - just under 8 years of emails - sent quarterly
  • Back to website - 6 months of emails
  • Stale - 12 months of emails

Custom Individual Workflow Solutions


More info Coming Soon

CallAction Optimized System

call Action

More info Coming Soon

Tracking | Reporting & Accountabilty

Tracking & Accountability System

More info Coming Soon

Other Vendor Partners & Systems


More info Coming Soon

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