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Do you ever feel like technology is constantly changing, and that it’s becoming harder to keep up? Harder to know exactly what your Real Estate business needs? Here are my 5 pieces of tech that my business couldn’t live without.


1. Website with an IDX

An IDX website allows potential buyers to search through all of the available properties on the market without leaving your website. This not only makes it easy for buyers to find their ideal home in one spot, but it also ensure that all of your leads remain yours, instead of going elsewhere. At this point, it’s more noticeable to clients if you DON’T have a website with an IDX than if you DO.


2. Client Relationship Management (CRM)

This may seem like a no brainer…. and that’s because it is! A CRM system will allow you to track conversations and interactions with each client, providing you with invaluable insight into what they are looking for, without having to ask them over and over again. A CRM system will also allow you to segment your database by client type, time to transaction, and more, with that information you can segment your marketing to meet the client with the information they need, when they need it.  On top of that, a CRM helps you stay organized when dealing with multiple clients and/or transactions at once. If you are thinking long term, a website that integrates nicely with your CRM is a huge bonus!


3. Retargeting Platform

A retargeting platform allows you to stay engaged with potential clients after they have visited your website by displaying ads with similar homes or branded content, on websites and socials they visit afterwards. You can also directly serve your database ads that will help you build your brand equity. A retargeting platform ensures that your leads and clients remember you when they are ready to buy or sell – giving you an edge against competing agents!


4. AI or Automated Texting

Automated texting systems allow you to send out text messages en masse with ease – saving time spent manually entering numbers or typing out messages one by one. AI and Automated texting systems also provide a level of professional engagement that is just not achievable through other mediums – making sure that no lead gets left behind due to lack of communication. These are a great way to instantly respond to clients while you may be tied up in a meeting OR to respond to common questions you receive from leads.


5. Email Marketing Engine

Now I know your CRM can emails, but this is not what I am talking about. I am referring to an Email Newsletter software (like Mailchimp), that allows your to create beautiful weekly/monthly newsletters – that you can/should be sending to your entire database. It is important to utilize a system that gives you access to engagement analytics, you want to know who is clicking through to your website and market to them differently. You can build these out ahead of time and schedule them to send, allowing you to build weeks of emails at once. There is still a lot of power in building consistent readership via a newsletter!



These five systems can help you grow and maintain a thriving real estate business and if you choose to (if you are not already), they will help lay the foundation for growing into a team. If you find yourself unsure of which CRM, website or other piece of tech is right for you, if you need helping linking your systems together or need help optimizing your tech stack, OSIRS is here to help.

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