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As 2023 is getting underway it’s important to show appreciation to your clients and a great way to do this is by hosting a client appreciation events. Inviting your clients to a special gathering is an excellent way to thank them for their business, all while strengthening relationships and generating referrals. After the hustle and bustle of the last few years, it’s a great opportunity to slow down with the people that support your business. Whether you have thrown many client events or this is your first; here are some tips on how to make your real estate client appreciation event stand out from the rest!


*Bonus Tip: Invite a plus one! I’ll tell you why at the end of the article.*


Keep It Simple, But Still Personal


The key to any successful real estate client appreciation event is making sure it’s tailored towards your clients’ likes and interests and still reflects your brand values. That being said, you don’t need to go over-the-top with details or decorations. Focus on quality food and drinks, your clients will appreciate the effort you put in. A great way to personalize the event is with custom handwritten invitations. AM Cards, and are a few tools you can use to automate sending out handwritten notes/invitations. 


The Venue

Your venue choice will heavily influence the success of your event, so choose wisely! An outdoor spot like a local park or beach is a great option for those who want something more economical yet effective; if you’d prefer something more upscale and luxurious, rent out a private venue space such as a restaurant or art gallery. Keep the atmosphere relaxed and avoid formalities as much as possible. Regardless of where you host the event, make sure it’s easily accessible and comfortable for everyone who plans to attend.


Keep Everyone Engaged


At its core, client appreciation events should not only express gratitude but also establish meaningful connections between agents and their clients – so make sure that everyone feels welcomed and involved throughout the evening! This could mean having games like trivia  or raffles and giveaways throughout the gathering; these can help create even stronger bonds with your clients. It is important to try and have one on one time with as many of your clients as possible, greeting them when they arrive is a great way to make sure you at least have a moment with them.


Incorporating Technology to Leverage Referrals 


Ultimately, you want these events not just as a way of expressing thanks but as an opportunity to secure referrals. On your personalized invites add a QR code that they can scan with their smart phone. This will link them to a landing page for the event, you can create your own landing page or use a service like E-vite. Here they can RSVP for the event and you can let them know what to expect! Always extend the invite to your clients’ whole family. The Secret Sauce is to extend the invite to any friends of your clients’ who may be considering buying or selling real estate. If you are having a raffle at your event, tell your clients for each friend they bring and extend the online invite to, they get another entry! When their friends register to come, you will capture their name, phone and email! With this simple step, you can make your event run smoother and have all the necessary contact information for each attendee in one easy location.


The Follow Up


Equally as important as the event, is the follow up. Call and send a handwritten note to everyone that attended, express your gratitude for their support and reminisce on the great memories you made together at your event. With the plus one contact information you gathered, ask if they would like to opt into your newsletter, just like all their friends have. Build and nurture this email list into clients!


Don’t forget to share all the photos and videos on social media, show how awesome it is to be one of your clients!

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