Using Automation in Your Real Estate Business 


Automation doesn’t just apply to large corporations; small businesses like real estate teams can benefit from automating certain processes too!


Here are some areas and basic ways automation can be used in your real estate business: 


Lead Routing 

Automation can be used for lead routing using software to automatically distribute leads to the appropriate agent or team based on predefined criteria such as location or lead source. This can save time and increase efficiency for real estate teams by ensuring that leads are quickly and accurately directed to the right person to follow up with. There are some automated systems that can convert all new leads into calls that go directly to a group of agents, that qualify for that lead source, price range etc.  The agent who answers will be connected to an outbound call to the new lead.


Responding To Client Inquiries 

Automate your CMA’s, Homebot requests, even common questions you receive from leads. There are integrations that will send CMA’s and Homebot Digests within minutes of your clients requests from your website. When clients request showings, you can set your CRM/Website to respond immediately letting them know you will be in touch shortly. 


Engaging With Client Responses 

Use an automated system that engages with client responses quickly and accurately. AI or automated texting systems cant respond to inbound client emails, text messages and missed calls.  Never miss a lead because you are in a meeting, certain integrations will only respond to leads after a set amount of time, allowing you a few minutes to respond yourself, before stepping in. 


Automate Data Tracking and Transaction Management 

Stop tracking your sales and transaction data in Excel or Google Sheets. Systems like SISU are great for tracking your sales data and double as a transaction management software. OpenToClose is another solution for transaction management that will automate tasks and processes to help your Transaction Coordinators be hyper-efficient. 


Following Up On Leads

Unfortunately, not all leads we generate are ready to buy a house in the immediate future. Some leads we need to nurture for months or years. At scale, especially without an ISA department, long term follow up can pile up and often will go undone. Create an automated system to follow up with leads via text and email is a great way to stay in front of a large audience in 2023. Most CRM’s have some type of call list functionality, with filters you can remind yourself when to follow up with leads. CRM’s like Follow Up Boss will allow you to filter leads via Smart Lists based on a plethora of different criteria.  Both of these will help leads from falling through the cracks.


Scheduling Appointments With Clients

Use an automated calendar system for scheduling appointments with clients, so you don’t have to do the dance to figure out when everyone is available and you can automate the appointment confirmation follow up. Calendly is a great solution to have a direct link that will cross check your calendar for your availability.



Automation has become increasingly popular over the last few years as more businesses realize the potential savings associated with automating mundane or repetitive tasks tasks. By automating certain processes within your real estate business, you will free up valuable time and resources while ensuring accuracy of data, which will ultimately lead to improved sales processes and customer satisfaction levels. Start automating today and watch your results roll in! If you are unsure where to start, OSIRS is here to help.

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