10 Video Content Ideas Every Real Estate Agent Should Make in 2023

Video is key! We have all heard this, whether it is from our coach, our network, on social media or an Inman article. Constantly we are being reminded how powerful video is, whether for marketing or communicating with existing clients, nothing can convey body language, tone and mood as well as video (besides being in person of course!). It seems that everyone is telling us we need to record more videos…. BUT OF WHAT!? If you are a video guru or just getting started, here are 10 easy to shoot videos that you can make!

1. How much $500,000 will get you in your city.

This is probably my favorite video to make! It is so easy to do, solely on your smart phone! Pull up your MLS app (Homesnap for me), pull up a few great looking $500,000 properties, turn and the screen recording and you’re off! Slowly swipe through the photos while screen recording! I always recommend having a short intro to introduce yourself to your audience and share what the video is about, then splice in the screen recording. You can layer music over the video OR if you really want to take it to the next level, add a voiceover of you talking about your favorite features of the home! This is a great video to throw on social media stories with a Call to Action for more information on similar homes!

2. Unsolicited Video CMA

If you haven’t heard of the Unsolicited Video CMA, you’re welcome! This is a great way to engage, either past clients or your farm! Record a video of yourself going through a CMA, just as you would in person or at the listing presentation. The key is to leave them wanting more, so they will reach out to you to further the conversation. At the very least, you are providing a service to homeowners. When I make my unsolicited video CMA’s, I come from the approach I see Financial Advisors or CPA’s take, both of those professionals meet regularly with clients to update them on their financial status. My script starts with letting my clients know I am here to update them on their real estate net worth as your financial advisor would about your portfolio!

3. 5 Service providers that everyone living in your city should know.

As an agent you have (and if you don’t, you should) a list of vetted service providers that you refer your clients to, on a regular basis. Creating a video highlighting the best one from each niche is a great way to market your referral partners servicers! It is also an valuable piece of information for new homeowners, especially ones that may have bought with a newer agent that does not have these resources. This is great content to send out via your newsletter and blast on all your social outlets. Not to mention if you live in an area where a lot of people are moving to from out of town, you can build value by setting up introductions for them.

4. 5-7 things people love about living in your city

You live in and love your city! Share your favorite things! When I create this video, I try and focus on things only locals would know and love. In my opinion, these small things are the draw to live in a town. Highlight these and share them with your database. Locals and out of towners alike will love this content.

5. 5-7 things people hate about living in your city

This may be hard for some cities, but most places have some small inconveniences associated with them, like LA traffic 🙂 Highlighting the things you don’t like will stir up conversation with locals and give outsiders some insider knowledge on what living in your city comes with!

6. Community spotlight videos

Highlight a community you love! This works great in areas you farm or do a lot of business in. Share with everyone what you love about living in this community, local businesses, parks, beaches, anything you love about a specific community. Think small here, not a whole city, but a development!

7. Client testimonial videos

These are a no-brainer! You have a slam dunk sale or purchase, sit your clients down in the office, pamper them and ask them to share what they loved about working with you. We are in an industry where our social media profiles are quickly becoming our resumes. Client testimonial videos are a great way to show strangers how great you are to work with.

8. Restaurant and business owner interviews

This is a two-fold video. You are able to highlight business owners and market their products/services, while building a strong relationship with local business owners, who likely service the same clients as you, but in a different fashion. Continuing to build upon this relationship can lead to referrals back and forth! What is better than having local business owners talk you up to your mutual clients.

9. Quarterly real estate market updates

Again, a no-brainer here. We NEED to keep our clients, sphere and database up to date on what is happening in the market. Two key things to focus on in this video: 1. Talk about stats you actually understand, don’t dive into a crazy analysis of market absorption rate, if you don’t know what you are talking about. You will not come across confident which can make you seem like this is a sales driven video, not a value driven video. 2. Share stats that are relevant to your local market and clientele. Again, don’t get to crazy, break down your analysis in laymen terms, that anyone can understand without needing to use Google or a dictionary.

10. Video updates for active seller and buyer clients

This is not a marketing video, but rather using video to communicate with active clients. Weekly I update my listing clients on the progress of the marketing (or sale if we are in escrow). Same with buyers! Every week when I send my buyer clients a list of relevant homes, I do so with a video of me talking about what I liked about the homes and why I feel they are a good fit for them! Take this style of communication and run with it. There is no one that has bought or sold with me in the last 2 years that has not gotten at least one video from me. I have transformed this into sending a video to every new lead after our initial conversation and sending leads to leads that seem to be ghosting, letting them know I am real and here to chat!


No matter what videos you decide to make, it is important to remember that any video you put out is better than prepping forever to create the most perfect video, that never gets published!

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