OSIRS Notification HUB – How It Works and Took One Team From 70 Appointments to ? 300 In One Month!

We all are experiencing notification fatigue, whether we are aware of it or not. What is notification fatigue? It’s when you have 100+ notifications, from emails, texts, website, home valuation software, lead providers, and more – then you get that 101st notification and you throw you computer at the wall!


Now of course you don’t actually do that! But, you do ignore that 101st notification. You don’t take the time to log into Zillow or wherever that notification originated from, because you’re fatigued from chasing these notifications all over the place! I GET IT!!!


This is exactly what prompted us at OSIRS to take on this problem and what we created was the OSIRS Notification Hub. Now before you decide if this is worth a read, let me grasp your attention: one of our clients just let us know that our notification helped them go from 70 appointments to almost 300 in one month!


Now, let me show you how it works, how easy it is to use and why it makes sense for every team to implement!


An overview of how it works.

The OSIRS Notification HUB pulls in all notifications from every different website, lead provider or system you use in your business. We build this HUB out of Slack, a free communication software that works well on mobile and desktop. The HUB links directly to your PONDS in Follow Up Boss, allowing you to have multiple channels within Slack and multiple ponds feeding into channels. Channels are also a great way to segment markets, we have teams running 10+ locations across the country, out of one HUB.

A few examples of channels I use:

One location for every notification.

This was the first problem we wanted to solve. It is a tedious process to log in to every system to facilitate each respective notification. Let’s face it, it is flat out annoying when you track down a notification to finally get the info and see the lead responded, “Unsubscribe, or STOP” – you just wasted a few minutes to realize no follow up is needed! In our HUB, we bring in notifications from every different system your business works in!


This is an example of a client engaging with my Homebot. You can see the stage the lead is, in my CRM. The assigned agent, the leads name, the alert type and convenient buttons to click right into FUB or into Homebot if you need to view them there.

Another common notification is a Ylopo Priority Alert. We port all the same information in, but for these types of notifications there is even more functionality! You can hit “place call now” to call the lead directly from slack. You can also send them similar homes with the click of a button, through stars and you can access their Ylopo stars search.


More information!

Some external systems do create notifications in FUB, but what we have found is that 1. they do not give you the pertinent information to follow up with the lead on the spot, so you are back to logging in to the external system to get the info you need. or 2. the notification is not put directly in front of you. Sure, they may be on your smart lists when you refresh, or get back to prospecting the next day. BUT, what if that was a showing request? If you don’t respond to those quickly, we all know that lead is just going to contact another Realtor, or submit a form on another website! Speed to lead is and has always been key. With the HUB, as you can see below, you get all the information you need to call the lead on the spot!


We were tired of getting a notification in our CRM that said nothing more than, you have a notification in Sierra, Ylopo, or any other system you can name. SO with each notification we bring in as much information as possible. Here you can see a message from the lead and the questionnaire they filled out on our website. This example was a Homelight lead that came back and sent in a general inquiry on my site, for more information about listing with us. This is a valuable notification, that was blasted to the 50+ Agents in that channel.


Here you can see the link tracking, when you see this timestamp, you know someone else on the team already followed up with this notification and you can move on to the next!


Accountability and Transparency.

The OSIRS Notification HUB will open up the hood into your digital ecosystem and how leads are engaging with it! This gives you transparency into your business and let’s you know who needs action and when. It will also allow you to hold agents accountable. We recommend having your lead manager monitor slack to make sure that agents are following up with leads as they engage with your systems. When they are not, we have created tools that allow admin to assign leads directly to an agent to follow up and to nudge agents that are not following up.

We have talked about how the PONDS from your FUB feed into our HUB. We also create notification channels for leads that are in your agents name. Now when agents have leads engaging, you can see if they are following up in a timely manner. No more agents hoarding leads to never follow up with them. You can first nudge the agent, which will tag them in the lead to follow up, you can then set a check to automatically follow up on their activity, in a certain amount of time. If you see that they have not engaged the lead after a proper amount of time, your lead manager can find an agent that is available and re-assign the lead to them!


Here is an example of a property inquiry from Roopler. For the sake of the example let’s imagine this lead is NOT in a pond, but rather owned by an agent on the team.



Here is where the admin functionality comes into play, you can see those options by clicking “Select Options” which is circled in red below.


These admin options are how you hold agents accountable. Perhaps you want to “Nudge” the agent to follow up. This will tag them in the client record in FUB, prompting them to call the lead. You can conduct a check, to see if the lead was actually followed up with. If it was not, you can use the reassign feature to find an agent that is available to call the lead right now. You can also reassign the lead into a POND, which can notify a whole group of agents to tackle the follow up!


From 70 appointments to 300.

We have a team that implemented the OSIRS HUB and in their first month, they went from 70 appointments to just shy of 300! This wasn’t because they bought more leads that month! But because they have a streamlined system to facilitate every notification that occurs in their digital ecosystem. They have oversight into their follow up and can take control of who follows up and when, using the admin tools.

If you are interested in how the OSIRS Notification HUB can help accelerate your business, without buying more leads – schedule a call with us!



As always, OSIRS is here to help.


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