System Spotlight: Post Appointment Text Automation

Wouldn’t you love it if your agents actually updated the CRM after an appointment, or at all…


It can be frustrating when you are a team leader, spending $100’s, $1,000’s or even $100,000’s on leads and your agents don’t go in and update the CRM with how the appointment went! Did you meet the lead? Do they want to work with us? WHY are they still in stage Lead or Appointment Set?!?!


I find that agents are some of the most optimistic people, they believe they will go show 10 houses on a Saturday, to 5 different clients and at the end of that day, they believe they will be able to update each client file, with a novel of details about their appointments – BUT what we all end up seeing are notes that read, “Saw house, didn’t like” or “Met with Client”… Notes like this do everyone on the team a disservice.


This is where OSIRS came in and created the Post Appointment Text System.


When you or your agents set an appointment in FUB, our system will text whoever went on the appointment, asking how it went- their response can update stage, apply an outcome to the appointment, add notes into the record AND even create a deal in the deals section of FUB.


Watch below for a full demo on our updated 2023 Post Appointment Text System.


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