Don’t Miss: Rocket Mortgage is Driving New Buyers to their Partner Agents

Rocket Mortgage just announced their new Buy+ and Sell+ programs, that have great offerings for consumers and will strongly benefit their partner agents. This announcement comes after Rocket Mortgage lost the Nation’s Biggest Mortgage Lender title. 


What is the Buy+ Program?

In a new marketing tactic to bring in buyers, Rocket’s Buy+ program will provide homebuyers working with Rocket Homes Partner Agents a closing credit equal to 1.5% of their loan amount, capping out at $10,000 – which translates to a max loan amount just shy of $667,000. This is a great opportunity for buyers feeling their budget shrinking due to rates!


What is the Sell+ Program?

Sellers that choose to work with a Rocket Homes Partner Agent can be eligible for a Sell_ rebate equal to 1% of the sale price of their home. Seller’s that participate in the Sell+ program are still eligible for the Buy+ if they also work with a Rocket Homes Partner Agent and Rocket Mortgage. 


What if your client is working with Rocket Mortgage and you are not a Partner Agent?

Even clients that use their own agent can qualify to receive a closing credit from Rocket Mortgages, however this credit is equal to 0.25% of their loan amount. On a loan amount of $667,000 that is a credit of roughly $1,667 or around 1/6th of what a buyer could receive when working with a Rocket Homes Partner Agent. 


These borrowers are able to receive another 0.5% of a lender paid credit if they upgrade and utilize other services Rocket Mortgage offers, such as a Verified Approval or RateShield Letter. 


What is a Rocket Homes Partner Agent & Are They In My Market?

Rocket Homes is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage in all 50 states, they are currently partnering with over 20,000 agents across the country. From their website, Rocket Homes they generated an average of 2.05 million unique visitors each month and that led to Rocket Homes Partner Real Estate Agents being involved in a whopping 32,700 transactions!


Rocket Homes partners qualified homebuyers, that indicate they do not have buyer agent representation, with Partnered agents and agents pay a referral fee to Rocket Homes, once the deal closes. 


Here is a link to more information about signing up to be a Rocket Homes Partner Agent:

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